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About 80% of all breast cancers are invasive ductal carcinomas.

Cancers originating from ducts are known as ductal carcinomas; those originating from lobules are known as lobular carcinomas.

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To somewhat increase the likelihood of long-term disease-free survival, several chemotherapy regimens are commonly given in addition to surgery.

Most forms of chemotherapy kill cells that are dividing rapidly anywhere in the body, and as a result cause temporary hair loss and digestive disturbances.

Depending on the type of breast cancer and how advanced it is, you may need other types of treatment as well, either before or after surgery, or sometimes both.

Surgical removal of the tumor provides the single largest benefit, with surgery alone being capable of producing a cure in many cases.

As seen in this photo, it often causes thickening and pitting of the skin, like an orange peel.

The affected breast may also be larger or firmer, tender, or itchy. These changes are caused by cancer cells blocking lymph vessels in the skin.

Early on, a woman may notice a change in her breast when she performs a monthly breast exam or minor abnormal pain that doesn’t seem to go away.

There are several ways to treat breast cancer, depending on its type and stage.

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